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I came across part of a study done last February on causes of complications in people living with Type 1 diabetes. The study suggests that complications may be influenced by ones genetic mutations that predisposes oneself to Type 1.

I suspect this study was done because some people with Type 1 live with their condition longer than 50 yrs, and don't seem to be experiencing any serious debilitating complications regardless of BG Control.

This has always interested me because I seem to fall within this group - statistically it appears to run anywhere from 18% - 20% of data samples. I've had discussions with my Health Team in the past and the genetic theory seems to be gaining support. Right now it's all still speculation - hopefully soon there will be more clarity on this.

This report made the following conclusion:
"We conclude that families with type 1 diabetes plus MVCs(microvascular complications) are genetically different from those with diabetes alone.

Interesting study - hopefully more studies will be done in this area of diabetes research.
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