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I recently went to the doctor to have a comprehensive metabolic blood test because, well, just because I hadn't done that in a while and thought it was a good idea. Everything came up completely 100% normal and healthy except for my glucose number which was 105. Apparently it should be below 100 for someone my age. Here's a bit of info about me:

-Male, 21 years old
-5' 8", 130 lbs
-Non-Smoker (never even tried a cigarette)
-Very light social drinker (1-2 beers at night after work a few days a week)
-Absolutely no medical problems EVER in my life. Very healthy person.
-Absolutely no history of Diabetes or anything like that in my family.

The only bad habit I had for a while, well up until I got those test results, was I drank a lot of soda. Usually 3 cokes a day, which adds up to about 120 grams of sugar a week! (gross!)

I guess I was just apathetic and figured I was too young to worry about anything. Well the doctor said that I should cut down on the soda and I should probably be fine, but that if I kept drinking it I was "at risk" for developing diabetes.

I have completely stopped drinking soda, which has cut 840 grams of sugar out of my diet per month. I am going back for a recommended second blood test to see if the level has gone down.

My questions are:

1) How bad is a 105 count? If it was really bad, would the doctor have insisted on investigating right away, instead of saying "come back in six weeks"?

2) Given my medical background and the fact that I have no symptoms of diabetes, should I just chill out?

3) Cutting out all of that soda is obviously the biggest and most important step, but should I also watch other foods that are high in sugar? Do I need to worry about EVERYTHING like bread and stuff like that if I don't actually have diabetes?

Any help would be immensely appreciated.


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For a young man your age, that glucose is sneaking up there. If you aren't already, I would add some sort of exercise to your daily routine, such as walking the dog or biking. Increase your vegetable and fruit intake and try to cut out high carb, high fat fast foods. Also, cutting out the Cokes is a great idea. Have the recheck when you are scheduled to have it and I wish you best of luck. Let us know how it goes. Best of luck!
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