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Hello Janine, welcome to Diabetes Forum. I think you are our first member from the Norway, Finland and Sweden group of countries. I know that Type 1 diabetes is very common in that part of the world. I have been Type 1 for 64 years and I am doing very well. Type 1 can be controlled but it takes much hard work and patience. A Type 1 can have a long, healthy life once good control is established.

Carb counting is a very important part of getting that control. You need to know your carb ratio. That is the number of carbs you can eat for each unit of Novarapid you inject. If your carb ratio was 15 then you would inject one unit of Novorapid for every 15 carbs you ate. A 30 carb meal would require 2 units. I use insulin beore every meal and snack. You would have to experiment to determine your correct carb ratio. It differs from one diabetic to another. I need one unit for every 6 carbs. The carb counting approach may not seem to work if your insulatard dosages are not appropriate. It seems that you need less insulatard in the evening, and more in the morning. That might control your lows at night and in the morning.

Do you see an endocrinologist (diabetes specialist)? That is the best choice of doctor for diagnosing and treating diabetics. A diabetes educator can teach you what you need to know about carb counting and insulin dosages. That is the way it works in the US, it may be different in Norway. Your doctor may refer you to a specialist for your learning about carb counting.

I suggest that you look at the Glycemic Index topic in the Diabetes Diet and Nutrition forum. Eating food with lower glycemic numbers is much healthier and keeps your blood sugar lower.

There is much more that can be said. I will stop here. Ask all the questions you want. We are here to help!

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