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Confused with Sugar Levels

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I have Type-2 diabetes for 2 years. Till now, I had been careless about it. But, I have changed my lifestyle from the last month to overcome it.

My stats on 30-Sep-2019:
Fasting Sugar: 135
Hba1C: 7.4
Smoking 3-4 ciggi daily, late night sleep, 4-5 hours sleep, night eating and lot of junk food.

From 30-Sept, I changed my lifestyle to health diet, no smoking and no sugar.

Morning 6 AM: 2 sugar-free biscuits
7-8: one hour tennis
9 AM: breakfast, 2 roti and some vegetables
11AM: one small fruit
1 PM: Lunch, 2 roti and some vegetables, followed by 15 mins walk
5 PM: Sugarless tea and 2 sugar free biscuits
8 PM: Dinner, 2 roti, pulses and vegetables, followed by 20 mins walk
9:30: sleep
Meds: Metformin 500mg morning and night

Result on 21-Oct:
Lost 4 Kgs, from 82.5 to 78.5
Now stopped taking meds because it was causing low blood sugar
Today fasting sugar: 110
Hba1c: 6.8

How am I doing? Am I losing weight too fast? Is it okay to stop meds?

My stats are great IMHO but sometimes I feel really low, lot of anxiety, and not able to focus on things. This low feeling goes in 10-15 mins but I am worried if it happens more, then what to do?
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Welcome to the forum, pankajkr

WOW, bringing your A1c down from 7.4 to 6.8. and fasting from 135 to 110 - in less than a month!! That's real progress.

Keep up the good work.
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