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Hi all,
so about a week ago I went on a three day fast (I've fasted before for two weeks with no problem) - everything went okay until I started spotting. It was strange because I've never spotted before (it couldn't be my period because I was done with my period two weeks before); the blood was chunky and my underwear was just stained brown.
After googling, I came to the conclusion that it was because the fast had cleansed my system and old blood was leaving my system.
Fast forward two days - the spotting had stopped and I felt like my blood sugar was high the whole day and so I kept bolus-ing (I'm on the pump)/giving myself insulin. It wasn't until I went over to a friend's (about 8 hours into the day), that I realized that the pump tubing I had was leaking. I immediately go home, change my tubing, and check my sugars - of course it reads HI.
I inject myself and finally get the sugar down; however, ever since that day my sugars are wonky.
Insulin doesn't seem to work as it should, I've gained about 5lbs since last week, and I've started breaking out!
After coming home from school today I've checked my sugar and it read 271 but I ate nothing but a salad.
The closest solution I've come to this problem is to set my basal to the rate I give myself during my periods.
Will this problem pass? I am a type 1 diabetic and am currently 18 years old.
Thank you for taking the time out to read this long post. Please, if anyone knows ANYTHING, I'd appreciate it!
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