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Relational story? Yes! Before the flashy red-light van dashed me off to the hospital I experienced a funky skin condition on my legs...from the knees down. Scaly, like a fish. I guess I could have "ointmented" it up...but I didn't. At the time I was diabetic...but had no idea what diabetes was.

After being diagnosed with diabetes at the hospital...I went with their program. Change my diet; exercise more; a basal insulin. For a podunk town...attracting podunk doctors from wherever...damned if that didn't work!

Skin problems "are what they are". Diabetes-related problems, for me, can be counteracted by internal restructuring...and topical ointments. In other words...get your diabetes under excellent control...then slap a little ointment on that dead skin before you show your legs off! :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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