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Just thought I'd share my experience yesterday.
As you would all know by now I have been placed on 3x types of drugs for functional dyspepsia I have. One of these drugs is domperidone. When you get a script they just give you 25 pack of 10mg, cost $17.95. Now I questioned on my last doc visit why I can't get repeats or a bigger pack? Doc says they can't give repeats... but there is a pack of 100 for $24.95 but it's not covered under our Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. I put 2 & 2 together... "hello, $24.95 for 3 times more is way cheaper than the 25 pack". It's a months supply for me. I went and got the script filled yesterday and only paid $23.95.... there you go. I'm wondering how they can get away with charging $17.95 for 25 pack and only $23.95 for 100 pack? It's a no brainer. None of the docs (includes my specialist) even mentioned there is a bigger pack... and I'm supposed to take this drug long term. I do have another 2 drugs to take for the condition... more cost involved there of course. With all the swallowing and injecting, etc of drugs... I'm surprised I don't rattle & all. lol.
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