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Covid vaccines and effects on BG

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I saw a video this morning of Dr. Bernstein talking about him taking the Covid vaccine and it affecting his blood sugar. He said he didn't associate it with the vaccine at the time but for about a day and a half his BG ran low. He said he started getting reports from some of his patients that they had experienced the same thing. Some of the commenters said they also had low BG readings while others said they had the opposite effect, and others said they had no effect on their BG. I didn't read all of the comments, but one said it cleared up her hives for about 3 days.

Curious about the members and readers of this forum, those of you who have taken a Covid vaccine, did you notice any changes of your BG readings? Any other effects/reactions? First and/or second injection?

Would like to keep this thread limited to vaccine reaction responses. For those wanting to opine on reasons to take or not take the vaccine, please start a new thread.

Addendum: Dr. Richard K. Bernstein, MD. I saw it on FB.
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Because it hadn't changed in so long, I started just spot-checking my FBG so I didn't even think of testing my BG after either dose of the (Moderna) vaccine. Both times I had arm soreness, fatigue, a disinterest in eating (that's how I knew I was a little ill), and some achiness. Second time was a little worse than the first. And, in both cases, pretty much everything was gone in 48 hours.

Since no one knows for sure how long the immunity conferred by the virus or the vaccine lasts, I'll try to remember for next time. It seems to me from measuring my FBG during other viruses and infections that mine likely went up after the vaccine. So I would expect that; I'll just be the scientist next time and confirm.

Thanks to the people weighing in with their experiences!
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I haven't had a noticeable change in my FBG.
No side effects?
ime the sore arm lasts longer than any of the other side effects.
Bakers, what is your thinking behind that advice, especially coming at the end of a page full of posts noting no significant long-term change in blood glucose levels? Just curious.
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