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Covid vaccines and effects on BG

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I saw a video this morning of Dr. Bernstein talking about him taking the Covid vaccine and it affecting his blood sugar. He said he didn't associate it with the vaccine at the time but for about a day and a half his BG ran low. He said he started getting reports from some of his patients that they had experienced the same thing. Some of the commenters said they also had low BG readings while others said they had the opposite effect, and others said they had no effect on their BG. I didn't read all of the comments, but one said it cleared up her hives for about 3 days.

Curious about the members and readers of this forum, those of you who have taken a Covid vaccine, did you notice any changes of your BG readings? Any other effects/reactions? First and/or second injection?

Would like to keep this thread limited to vaccine reaction responses. For those wanting to opine on reasons to take or not take the vaccine, please start a new thread.

Addendum: Dr. Richard K. Bernstein, MD. I saw it on FB.
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Ok, it might sound sort of crazy (or not, depending on your POV), but I'd recommend holding off from taking any vaccine shots, specially in those countries that are having a better time in dealing with COVID. You see, these are unpredictable times, and who knows if the scientists behind the vaccines weren't rushed to make the thing as fast as possible? They probably don't know half the potential side effects one could have, if given a shot. Of course, it's your decision, but please think about it. If you'll follow my lead, how would you deal with the virus on a daily basis? The common masks that are sold all around are almost useless, because they were designed to protect others, not you specifically. Everyone deserves better. The other day I ran into a family wearing these high-quality N95 masks, and I asked them if it made any difference or were any better, than other masks. They were shocked by my question and gave me one to try it out (usually I don't accept masks from strangers, but this one was in a pack, sealed, so it was ok). Upon touching the mask, I instantly noticed how solid and durable it was, clearly it was made for constant use. Next I put it in my face and was relieved at how effortlessly I could breathe in them. Truly, an excellent mask! After that I got my own pack of N95 masks and since then I have been wearing them. In general, do your own thing but keep in mind your health safety, and that of others!
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