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This recipe will fill 2 baking trays and if you cut each baking tray in 10 pieces, each cracker is 1,44 carbs. Both the baking trays is in the oven at the same time.

100 gram almonds
200 gram sesame
50 gram flaxseed
1/2 ts salt
2 topped ss Psyllium hulls
1/2 liter cold water

I put the almonds in my Food Processor and chop them really fine. Then I mix everything in a bowl just using a spoon. Leave it for 5 minutes to make the Psyllium hulls to swell.
I set the oven on 160 degrees celcius hot air.
I put baking paper in 2 baking trays, and lay half of the dough in each baking tray.
I use a spatula to make the dough cover all of the tray. I use a pizzacutter to make 10 pieces in each tray.
I put both of the trays in the oven at the same time using hot air. After about 45 minutes I take them out, seperate the crackers and turns them. Then I put them back in the oven again, but now I have the ovendoor slightly open.
After about 45 minutes the crackers are dry all through and really crispy.
I let them cool on a grate. When they are cooled, I put them in a closed box, and they will stay crispy and tasty for more than a month (mine always been eaten at that time).
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Okay Optimist - you're officially my heroine. This is my new go-to cracker, and definitely better than any that have gone before. All those others? Pretenders. Cracker wannabes. These are the real deal.

I used almond meal because I have so dang much of it, but next time will use your methods with almonds so to get some of the nutty texture in, not just the flour.

You are the Cracker Goddess. :hail:

Thank you!
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Would you mind posting the brand name and what it is called on the label?
I got mine at Whole Foods - 365 Everyday Value - Psyllium Husk - Whole Flakes. They had every type of psyllium imaginable, but hey, it's Whole Foods!
Today I made musli.
Okaaaay - here we go again. I was a muesli freak before diabetes - since living in Europe in the 70's. So - if you have a muesli I'll fall in love with, well - what can I say - I'm moving to Norway!

What do you make your muesli with? Without oats and fruit I'm lost. But then you talked about apple pie, so you do eat fruit.
I wonder if the powder isn't what we know from Metamucil-type products that turns to a gel when you mix it with water? I'm going to be looking for something that actually looks like husks or hulls. How am I doin' so far, Optimist? Pat? Moon?
You're on the right track. It's not a powder, but much finer than what I thought of as a husk or hull. My sense is that you go by terminology and it should say 'husk' on the packaging since this isn't something you find in bulk (at least not here, and this is organic mecca) Whole Foods had many variations, none of them visible behind the curtain of the container.

Btw - I had 2 guests for dinner tonight. Both asked for the recipe. Neither are diabetic (but certainly diabetic sympathizers.) I had maybe 3-4 small crackers with artichoke dip, the two of them ate half the whole recipe. They were a definite hit!
Okaaay . . . so the Dutch Bulk Food Store isn't gonna help me with psyllium . . .
Perhaps they will - it's only the usual suspects around here don't. And maybe Optimist could tell us if it matters if it's the powder or flakes ... my sense is it wouldn't except the powder would be more immediately absorbent (maybe not a good thing when you're trying to spread it? dunno -)
I'm just hoping Moon's friends don't hate her in a day or two! :)

Not that bad, really, just what I needed!
Whoa - thanks for the heads-up Pat! Glad I exercised restraint - my experience with metformin keeps me on the edge as it is. This is great though, now I won't be tempted to overeat them - a few small ones/day with some brie or dip or almond butter - yum!

For breakfast I had a couple with Kerry Gold butter. It's great because I often struggle not wanting to eat breakfast, am getting a little tired of 'a handful of nuts', and it's a great accompaniment to my morning java.
Shanny, you're gonna love 'em. They leave GG in the dust. Funny, I saw on the packaging that GG crackers come from Norway, something I wouldn't've focused on if it weren't for Optimist, our very own Cracker Savior.

Optimist, if your crackers were on youtube they would've gone viral. Two people have gotten the recipe from me, one has given to two others who wanted it, and I've made them 3 times already.

I have no idea how you learned a batch would keep for a month or more when tightly contained, unless it's that you were being held hostage and couldn't get to them.
Used flaxseed meal just because it's what I had, but am getting the seeds and will grind almonds as Optimist does vs using the flour as I have been to go for a seedier (sic) result. I do use more salt than Optimist cuz I have no bp issues and love the stuff.

I took a batch on my recent mini-holiday and we blew through them with some soft cheeses and red wine.
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Without the crispiness, I can't imagine what the crackers would be like. I'll follow your recipe modifications anywhere.

Okay, Shanny - we'll be watching this space for a full report on your cracker taste-test ...
That should do it, Gizmo - you've got it dialed.
Now tell the truth - GG vs Optimist's - I call it GG 1, Optimist's 100000000K

I already cancelled my auto-ship of GG's on Amazon.
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Cracker Queen, thanks so much for this recipe!
And thank you, Pat, for pursuing the recipe with Optimist. I had given up that a real cracker was possible.

The others were okay - the cheese crisps, GGs, zucchini ones, another I forget - barely adequate substitutes. But if I was miraculously cured of diabetes, I'd still make the Optimist Cracker.
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- and I'm having to remind myself of Pat's admonition regarding the natural side effects of psyllium & flax . . .
I first made these when I had guests, and they ripped through I think over half the batch. The next day I asked ... er, how was your, well, did you, uh, have any um urgent gastric issues this morning....

So far no reported problems.
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I thought I recall it weighing out to almost a cup. Since this cracker recipe is rather flexible, I think anything close (scant cup or 3/4?) would be fine.
I've found that baking at 300-310 F works best for me. I made them today - one cookie sheet they were a little thicker (those are the crackers on the left that are lighter), and I do as Deena does, put a parchment paper on top as well to spread/squish it with my hands.

After about 30 minutes I check and if they're dry enough, I peel the parchment off the bottom and turn over, maybe breaking into a few pieces, and bake another 30 or so - rough guess.

I put the oven racks very close together, right on top of one another, then slide one cookie sheet in on one side leading with the narrow end, another on the other side right below so there's no overlap and almost like they're baking on the same rack. Does this make sense? I should've made an ascii drawing :)

My first photo upload experiment:


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Moon - I tried to fix your image too, but I think it's a secure site, and that's why it won't let me see it - it requires a password. Got an 403 error message that said "It seems you don't belong here! You should probably try logging in?"
Thanks Shanny - I saw your instruction to Bugg (who I simply followed off a cliff) in another thread and changed it. I had uploaded the photo to my Dropbox account so to attach an image using a URL - didn't see that other option, duh.

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I'll try that - paper thin variety for eating on their own. So far I've used them almost exclusively to eat with cheese or dips, so wanted them stronger. So man possibilities - sweet, hmmm ..

You come up with amazing sweet treat ideas, esp for someone who prefers savory. Now that's a great mum :)
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Optimist for mascot! You see that thing that looks like maybe a drop of blood the "D" in Diabetes for the Forum rests on? It's really an Optimist Cracker!
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My neighbor made some that were gosh-awful, and the only things I could figure on them was that they didn't dry out enough at a low enough temp, and she used white, untoasted sesame. I bought brown ones in California which worked, and assumed they were toasted but maybe they were just brown. Here in NC I got brown ones but also lightly toasted them in the oven beforehand to bring out the sesame flavor. You should be tasting the sesame in the cracker. My neighbor's tasted a little like barnyard food.

Also, I add a bit more salt - dunno if that makes a difference, but ...

Although the crackers are good plain, they are =great= as a vehicle for other things which is how I eat them 90% of the time.
My neighbor's were also thick, maybe that was a key difference then. Interesting about the sesame seeds, makes sense - then that wasn't the culprit. The sesame I used were brown, not black - has anyone noticed a difference in taste 'mongst various ones?
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