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This recipe will fill 2 baking trays and if you cut each baking tray in 10 pieces, each cracker is 1,44 carbs. Both the baking trays is in the oven at the same time.

100 gram almonds
200 gram sesame
50 gram flaxseed
1/2 ts salt
2 topped ss Psyllium hulls
1/2 liter cold water

I put the almonds in my Food Processor and chop them really fine. Then I mix everything in a bowl just using a spoon. Leave it for 5 minutes to make the Psyllium hulls to swell.
I set the oven on 160 degrees celcius hot air.
I put baking paper in 2 baking trays, and lay half of the dough in each baking tray.
I use a spatula to make the dough cover all of the tray. I use a pizzacutter to make 10 pieces in each tray.
I put both of the trays in the oven at the same time using hot air. After about 45 minutes I take them out, seperate the crackers and turns them. Then I put them back in the oven again, but now I have the ovendoor slightly open.
After about 45 minutes the crackers are dry all through and really crispy.
I let them cool on a grate. When they are cooled, I put them in a closed box, and they will stay crispy and tasty for more than a month (mine always been eaten at that time).
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I finally made my first batch today. My batter seemed watery even after sitting 10-15 minutes, but it did make it easier to spread into the pans. The cuts sort of disappeared due to the wetness so I pulled each pan out with about 10 minutes to go and recut them. I had a heck of a time getting the parchment paper off when I went to flip them. May have to get some slipat mats. (However, I've seen those fail too on many a Chopped episode on Food Channel!) The crackers were already very crispy and just a nice golden brown when I turned them. I did lower the temp for the next 45 min as I was afraid they would burn other wise. I munched while turning them over and they are just as awesome as all of you have said!!!! I have lots of broken pieces, but am looking forward to "cereal" for breakfast tomorrow......maybe tonight's snack!! :D

I might try making them a bit thicker next time, maybe they won't be as fragile when I flip them.
I am wondering if you could put them in a jerky gun or a pastry bag with tip and make "cracker sticks"? I would think you could, the baking time may have to be adjusted.
This sounds like a really good idea! If you try it let us know how it worked out.
I made a batch of the basic crackers today to take to a friend's tomorrow. I am really frustrated with the parchment paper sticking to the crackers. It took me 1/2 hour to peel it off the crackers before I could turn them. A lot were broken in the process. Paper is just not working for me! I guess I have to invest in a couple Silpat mats to make this an easier process. I don't mind the broken pieces, they taste the same, but I wanted nice ones to take to dinner. :(

Really wasn't my day for cooking. I also made the Barefoot Boursin to take and when I got it all packed away in 1 cup containers, I realized I had forgotten the garlic!!!:doh: I mixed in some dehydrated garlic into the tub I am taking, hope it works out.....the ones for me well, they are just going to be herb flavored....
It will be tasty and the garlic powder will develop and be good. Just wear a big smile and all will be good! Silpats do make the turning easier, but I brought them from an 'earlier life' pre-diabetes. Glad to have them now.
Thanks Pat! :) I'll let you know how they like them. You were right about the garlic, I had some of mine on my asparagus with breakfast and the garlic did blend in well. I'll have to add it to the frozen batches when I thaw them out for use. I also sprinkled some crushed smoked chipotle peppers on top of mine for a little kick. Yum!
Crackers and Boursin were a hit!! :) My friend kept the left over crackers and her sister took home the left over Boursin! Yay, the crackers weren't beautiful, but they tasted good!!

For my first dinner out after dx I did OK, only things I couldn't eat were the potatoes and the dessert. I did eat the white chocolate straw off the cake though and small glass of champagne. Two hours after dinner I was at 95. Exercised when I got home ended up at 86. What a relief I was worried about what my numbers would be.
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hmm, VeeJay, from looking at your photos, I think my dough is still too wet. I held out 25% of the water last batch and it still wouldn't have made a ball like that. That could be why they stick to the parchment paper so much!

I'm waiting until I can get a couple silpats before I make them again. Next batch I'm going to add some chia seeds to see if that reduces the wetness some.
Gramma... I use 3/4 cup water to a HALF a recipe. (I always make a half recipe because it's only me eating them and that's two trays.) I find it isn't really necessary to wet the dough more than what takes to soften the psylium and make it stick together. Afterall, one of the purposes of baking is to dry them out. With less water in the dough, it takes less baking time to get crisp.

Also, I let the dough sit at least 15 minutes before scooping it out. Many times it's a half hour or more because I get sidetracked doing something else.

I know others use a silpat, but they stick really bad to mine, so I am staying with the parchment paper.
Lol, I make a whole recipe and its only me!! :D I gobble them down pretty fast, not a chance ever of them going stale!!

I used about that same proportion of water in my full batch. 1.5 cups instead of 2. Will go with less next time. May try once more then on parchment. I just so dread all the time spent pulling the paper off the crackers and the broken pieces created by doing that! I just might give your individual cracker method a try too. The time spent forming the crackers in the beginning probably equals all the time I spend peeling paper!
Barbara I also make a full batch & on the rare occasion they start to lose their crispness I just whack them back in the oven for 5 minutes & they taste just as good.
I use 2 cups of water & haven't had a problem taking top layer of baking paper off

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The top paper that I use to flatten them isn't the problem, it is the paper they bake on. It gets all crinkled from the moisture and maybe that is why it sticks. I think VeeJay may be on to something in that you really only need enough water to soften the psyllium to make them stick together. Maybe it is my elevation, about 3700', or my oven that is part of the problem. Maybe I just need more psyllium?
There must be a difference in the ingridients here in Norway and what you use.
I use 2 cups of cold water in this reciepe, and if I wait more than five minuts, the dough is so hard it is impossible to work with. Then I have to add some more water.
My dough is dryer than on your pictures VeeJay.
Which kind of Psyllium hulls are you using?
Powder vs flakes was exactly the issue!!

I found Psyllium hull powder at the Good Food store this time I shopped. I made half a recipe of the crackers yesterday and it took the whole cup of water and was thick in less than 10 minutes. By the time I got it spread on the baking sheet it was almost too thick to work with. I'm thinking next batch I'm going to go 1/2 and 1/2 flakes and powder and see how that works. I also add about a Tbs of chia seeds to my recipe so that may add extra thickening properties. I started adding them when the batter was too wet. Don't need them now, but I like them so will add anyway.
One thing that made a big difference for mine was using Psyllium Powder instead of Psyllium Hulls. It really soaked up the full 2 cups of water well and baked up nice and crispy in about 45 min per side, give or take a bit depending on how thick I make them.

Lunch a couple of days ago was 2 crackers with an oz of cream cheese divided over the two sprinkled with a bit of erythritol and lots of cinnamon. Yummers!
Optimist!! Oh so glad to "see" you again!! Your crackers are historic, we all love them!! We have missed you! :hug::hug::hug:
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