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This recipe will fill 2 baking trays and if you cut each baking tray in 10 pieces, each cracker is 1,44 carbs. Both the baking trays is in the oven at the same time.

100 gram almonds
200 gram sesame
50 gram flaxseed
1/2 ts salt
2 topped ss Psyllium hulls
1/2 liter cold water

I put the almonds in my Food Processor and chop them really fine. Then I mix everything in a bowl just using a spoon. Leave it for 5 minutes to make the Psyllium hulls to swell.
I set the oven on 160 degrees celcius hot air.
I put baking paper in 2 baking trays, and lay half of the dough in each baking tray.
I use a spatula to make the dough cover all of the tray. I use a pizzacutter to make 10 pieces in each tray.
I put both of the trays in the oven at the same time using hot air. After about 45 minutes I take them out, seperate the crackers and turns them. Then I put them back in the oven again, but now I have the ovendoor slightly open.
After about 45 minutes the crackers are dry all through and really crispy.
I let them cool on a grate. When they are cooled, I put them in a closed box, and they will stay crispy and tasty for more than a month (mine always been eaten at that time).
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I have never baked a cake or biscuits before,but I gave these crackers a go the other day.i followed the original recipe down to the tee,and even brought my first set of measuring cups etc.they turned out fantastic,:Dmuch better than any brought biccy I ever had.the first batch only lasted a week with the misses enjoying them as well.:D
thanks optimist.:D
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I just had a couple of crackers for lunch and tried them with butter(lot's)and liverwurst(liver pate)??
to get the ratio right make sure you can see your teeth marks in the butter after your first bite and you cant go wrong.:eyebrows:
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