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Craving for yeast bread

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Is there a low carb recipe for yeast bread? The ones I have found on the web use things like coconut flour, which isn't low carb. Even if it doesn't rise, if it smells like yeast while baking and tastes a little like yeast when eating, that would be great.
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Great discussion because I have a box (4 bags) of Bob's coconut flour I ignorantly ordered from Amazon when I got my almond and hazelnut flours, then because of the carbs was afraid to use it. It has been sitting on the pantry shelf.

Brownies w/ coconut flour? Recipe? :)
Oh great foxl, thanks. Will make these maybe this very day.

I make another peanut butter thingie that crumbles and is very dry, I think it's jwags peanut butter bars, and it's my way of adding more berries (personal crack) into my diet. I don't fight the crumble, add berries and cream, and voila! Delicious. Changes the carb count just a tad though ;)
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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