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D-day, 5 years, 9 months

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Steve. I posted here some when i was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 5 years ago at the age of 21. I was going though a stressful time back then and am experiencing some major problems now which i think some expression of my frustration may help. I am very appreciative of any responses concerning my situation.

When I was 21 and Diabetic it was the worst shock of my life. I previously considered myself a moderately outgoing person who loved to partake in alcohol quite often. It always was prior and it still is a huge problem for me. Being in the hospital getting my blood drawn repeatedly really made me realize my life has changed. (My blood drawn only once or twice before then.) It was honestly the most stressful event of my life and wasn't prepared for it at all. I took it really hard managing and tying to turn my life around to slowly become a "good" diabetic. It was incredibly devastating to learn i had to take shots 4 times a day just to survive.

I couldn't live in the Dorms in College anymore after about a month. Everyone was always drinking and I thought my only chance was to isolate myself and block all the distractions out. I lost 80% of my friends not because i thought they were bad people at all, but because i couldn't get them to understand my situation or i felt ashamed admitting to everyone i have problems. I eventually moved out of the Dorms and into an apartment to be away from it all. Racked up more debt and student loans, but hey this was 2005 the economy was rocking!, and i was going to graduate an engineer and get a high paying

I am currently 26 years old working as a Civil Engineer in the northeast US. I feel that i am a hard worker and have been a very integral and valuable employee in a small company with only 7 other full time over 40 year old employees. I am the sole peon and am expected to put in overtime well beyond what my exempt salary provides. While putting in overtime, i do not receive any raises due to the horrible construction economy. Not only that, my low salary recently just went lower with a company wide 6% pay cut.

That is the background to my stess and my problems...

Since i become diabetic, i feel as though I've had a nasty little STRESSFUL demon eating away at me like a parasite.. I can't get rid of it and it is driving me insane. It's everyday pressure in my life is inescapable and unrelenting! I do not go without thinking about my diabetes around 400 or so times one day. ( at least it seems like it)

Not only that i am getting huge pressures at work to perform somewhat grueling work as a Land Surveyor. I've been forced out in the 100 degree heat this summer to survey for 9.5 hours strait 4-5 days a week. (only get paid for 40hrs/week only) I recently voiced my reluctance and inability to work in extreme conditions due to my medical disability. It was directly after the company wide pay cut and Granted I was very discourteous and nasty in my written request, but now they are "threatening" to reduce my hours if I choose not to go out surveying in extreme conditions! The reasoning why my reduction of hours they say would not be due to my disability, but because there is simply no work to be performed by the lowest ranking civil engineer (ME) because of the economy. In their opinion, I am the one "least needed" at the moment and they are adamant about NOT firing anyone. SO... I am now considered ungrateful and disgruntled because i also wrote some other nasty things about the company in the email. I also even got a written warning for insubordination because of my email.

Can they do this? is this considered " Reasonable Accommodations?" according the the Medical Disability Act of 1997? Do I have no recourse but to accept their "deal?"

I feel this demon parasite more then ever!!! I can't handle the stress and the situation. It is breaking me down and killing me. I find myself going back to drinking and not caring more and more everyday about my life. I am struggling to afford all my student loans and housing payment. electricity, cable, phone, insurance, water, heat, food and medical co-pays eat up my paycheck real quick. No money for any vacations, extra things or anything. most weeks i run in the red.

I am done venting, thank you everyone for reading this. I am just looking for sympathy, support and most especially advice. I need some help.

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I want to tell you that you are lucky to have a job where they will let you move out to the feild instead of just saying to you sorry no work for you today. As far as reasonable accomodations go those are things like allowing you time to check your blood glucose and treat your self as needed. Working in the heat is just unpleasant not dangerous. You have a lot to learn about living with diabetes and not letting tell you what you can do. It is your responsobility to adjust your insulin to meat the requirements of the job.
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