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I am trying to lose weight as well as my BS how many carbs does your body need daily to do this? I saw someone eats 50-60 daily is this a good amount? please help.
Hello - Here is what I can offer. The end of September my A1C was 6.4. I am 5 foot tall, 45 yr old female, and weighed 183.

I have been following the plan that I was given at DE classes. For ME, that meant 1400 calories per day, 3 meals - 2 snacks. It meant 45 grams of carbs per meal and 15 per snack.

MANY people think that this is way too many carbs. BUT, in 3 months time I have lost 11 pounds and my A1C - 2 weeks ago was 5.9. THIS WAS WITH NO MEDS!!

So, I have to stay on the band wagon that says you NEED some carbs. The body's preferred fuel is carbs and you need some to stay as healthy as possible.
(2 cents)
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