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I'm a third year Product design student and hoping to design a carry case for needles and insulin ect.
I'm aware that there are lots on the market and was hoping for any input into perhaps how they could be improved.
If you find you have any issues with what you are using at the moment, too cumbersome ect.
Also what are the essentials you require to have with you.

Please forgive my ignorance on the matter i've only just started the project but am hoping to learn much more and maybe make something you would find more user friendly than current practises.

Thanks in advanced, if i get my project off the ground i'll keep you up to date.


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Hi Martin,

I only take oral medication so I can't help with injections.
Things I carry in my test kit--
1) Meter
2) Lancing Device
3) Meter test strips
4) Extra lancets for the lancing device
5) Glucose tablets
6) Small individual alcohol wipes to clean if soap and water is not available.

Improvements I would like to see with the carry case---
1) Hard side case instead of soft
2) Hinged spring closure instead of zipper
3) Small compartment to hold daily dose of oral medication
4) Visible ownership tag on inside of case
5) Diferent color options -- presently black fabric

Good luck with your project -- Bman

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I made my own by crocket it special for my stuff.
I have the meter attached, the test strips box in a pocket, a room for extra lancettes, pocket for 2 flexipens, a room with a little box to have used strips, lancettes and needles in + a room to have a notebook with my personal details and two crackers and a little tube with chocolate.

I think there is a big variation depending what type diabetes and medicament people have, and also how much people feel they need in case they becomes hypo.
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