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Developing new hand held glucose meter

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Hello everyone,

I am an engineer working on a new glucose meter and was hoping to get some feedback from the diabetic community. I googled for diabetes forums and got this one. Hopefully posting this thread does not go against forum rules, lol.

Anyways, I was hoping for feedback on what people feel are good and bad about current meters and what they would like to see in future meters. Either features, looks, feel, etc.

Thank you!
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New BG Meter Design

Hello to TheRabbit,

Back in the early eighties BG meters were $600-$800 per, then the cost of the strips. For about the last 15 years I have never purchased a BG Meter. I contact the company and advise them that I have to use 4-5 strips per day, meaning I use a lot. And at $90 per 100 I will not purchase the meter. Companies always send me their meter no charge. In addition, the USB cable that Bayer wanted $30 for so I could download data to their software, I never purchased. Same reasoning, if you want me to use your strips, supply the ancillary products. Thank goodness for competition.

I would like a meter that I can place on my skin, push a button and the built in infusion set produces the blood spot on demand so the meter can give me a reading. No strips to insert. Much like the very expensive remote sensors that Bayer and others make. But at $47 for a device that works perhaps 4 days, is just too costly. I should be able to wear it like a wristwatch.

Too much to ask?

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