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I have gone through over a dozen sensors. For the first 10, no skin problems. Then I started getting a rash where the adhesive touches the skin. And it got very itchy. I have no problem with adhesion using just the supplied adhesive pad. No overpatch used.
I shave my stomach where the sensor is going a day or two before as removing a sensor from a hairy body part is no fun.
After going through no problem and a few producing a rash, I started experimenting. First was a prep wipe that is designed to promote adhesion. No help. With a little research my last sensor was applied after I sprayed the area with flonase and let dry. No itching so far several days in. I moved the sensor to a non overlapping site and will see how it goes.
I have only used the new formulated sensor adhesive.
I know of other people who have it less/more worse than me.
So does anyone else have a story to relate? Maybe what worked or didn't
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