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Dexcom G7 is out

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How many of you are planning to switch to the Dexcom G7?

I guess it is too new for anyone to have any stories about G7 problems.
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I spoke with my Continuous Glucose Monitor provider. I was told the switch from Dexcom G6 to Dexcom G7 did not require a Prescription, although my doctor had already provided that. so?

I was advised that often the provider must have their own form filled out for a prescription change so I should talk to "Continuous Glucose Provider" and request they send their form to my Endocrinologist. The rep said that was not needed.

The rep was careful to ask what my phone was, as I do not have a Reader, not all smart phones that worked with Dexcom G6 will work with the newer, Dexcom G7.. Insulin Pumps, at this time will not work with G7. I will have no dollar costs. (I receive a very small Social Security payment).

Someone said the G7 can either go on the arm, or was it, must be only on arm?

I expect to have G7 Sensors on me before the end of the month.

As far as others trying to make the switch. You may have a different experience as to availability, cost, ease of getting Dexcom G7. So let us know.
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They only asked me what phone I have. Since I am buying phone on a monthly payment plan, I bought an iPhone 14 Plus for (what was supposed to be) five dollars a month and one of the larger unlimited plans must be attached. They managed to increase the dollar price for the first several months.

I actually started with Apple because I needed an "I have fallen and can't get up" device. I live alone. My cell tower contact is not very good for any carrier. So the best of the group was an Apple iWatch. With monthly payments the latest iWatch 8 was not much more than the older models. I had been so hoping the iWatch would have the ability to accurately read Blood Glucose. I needed an Apple iPhone as it is required to work with iWatch.

So I guess their is a webpage with that info. Medicare only pays for a new reader every several years. I got a reader with a Libre, so I was not entitled to one for a Dexcom G6 (for free to me) Else the list price is over five hundred. I do not know if the Dexcom G6 reader works with the G7 either.??
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