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hey all,

I have had my Dexcom for about 2 weeks now. For the first week it was great but the second I started the second sensor it started going wacko. It would give me (???) symbols all the time and giving me random readings. So I called tech support and they said to switch it out with a new sensor which I did. The new sensor didn't have the same problem with (???) reading except for a couple of times but I am getting readings all over the place. It wakes me up in the middle of the night telling me my blood sugar is 53 and going down and when I jump up run out and take a meter reading its above 100. 45 minutes later (without eating anything) the alarm will go off and say its above 140 and going up fast. Again I check with a meter and its in the 90s. whats going on, its regularly 40-50 points off, this morning it told me I was 125 fasting and according to meter I was 71!

Some additional info when I put this sensor on I started a round of Bactrin and prednisolone, i am also on prilosec, tagment, Allegra, flonase, and astepro nasal spray. (i have horrible nasal congestion that won't go away. At the moment I have been off the prednisolone for a few dasys.

Also I have not taken any acetaminophen, I know that throws off the numbers.

Thanks for any information!
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