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My CGM company, Dexcom, has recently added a hardware component to their receiver that connects it via Bluetooth to iPhones affording up to five different people to keep track remotely. It requires two different free apps, one for the user and one for the "follower(s).

Insofar as my wife has recently had to leave work and come home twice recently because she couldn't reach me by phone - she found me both times in a diabetic coma with glucose under 20 - this a really great feature for care givers including parents. My wife receives exactly the same data on my CGM to her iPhone (or iPod Touch/tablet when there's a wifi connection) that I'm receiving on my CGM. Her app can be set to alarm at various points both high and low. I'm hypo unaware so this is terrific.

Literally a life saver.
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If only Medicare would get on board with the idea of CGMs and help out in paying for them and the supplies. :(
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I think there is a bill before Congress,

You might want to contact your representatives and let them know how you feel.
Been there and done that, so to speak.
Also on Facebook there was a 'online petition' circulating that one could sign for the same thing. Medicare is very s-l-o-w to change their rules and most of the time it can take years for that to happen.
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