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Dexcom Share

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My CGM company, Dexcom, has recently added a hardware component to their receiver that connects it via Bluetooth to iPhones affording up to five different people to keep track remotely. It requires two different free apps, one for the user and one for the "follower(s).

Insofar as my wife has recently had to leave work and come home twice recently because she couldn't reach me by phone - she found me both times in a diabetic coma with glucose under 20 - this a really great feature for care givers including parents. My wife receives exactly the same data on my CGM to her iPhone (or iPod Touch/tablet when there's a wifi connection) that I'm receiving on my CGM. Her app can be set to alarm at various points both high and low. I'm hypo unaware so this is terrific.

Literally a life saver.
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Does anyone know if they have this for Android yet? I would LOVE this feature but have 0 interest in getting an iPhone.
The share app (worn by the person with diabetes) is iOS only, but the follow app (for people who want alerts on someone else's BG) is available on android.

What devices and software are compatible with the Dexcom CGM Apps? | Dexcom
I doubt that the share will ever make it to android, if they had wanted to do it, it would have happened by now.

Speaking as a software developer, the differences between iOS, Android and Windows devices is huge and some things that are easy on one, can be very difficult or flaky with another. Since this is something that needs to be relied upon to keep you alive, it may be that there's something about iOS that makes it feasible, either from a tech standpoint or from FDA approval. Pretty sure that each app needs to be approved separately.

Just saying that it's probably not personal or some vendetta against others...
@TheNamelessPoet: Oops, looks like it may be coming out in the next year actually:

Diabetes Technology and Industry Updates in Mid-2016

Android App: Dexcom plans to file with the FDA its Android compatible app before the end of September, meaning we could see a launch by year’s end or early 2017 (dependent on the FDA’s decision-making for the Transmitter firmware update). Dexcom’s also working to make Android compatibility happen internationally within the coming weeks.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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