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*Diabetes and Bones*

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Something interesting I ran across:

Columbia University Medical Center
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That is so amazing, osteocalin controls insulin sercetion and can prevent diabetes type 2! Did you know that another name for osteocalin is vitamin k? Very cool! I have a couple questions for my GP lol

Hi There Thunder: :)

It's Good to see you here. Welcome aboard.

Yes, it's Very cool. Hmmm, only a couple questions? ;)
Yeah! I could only think of two lol, did you know this and why didn't anyone tell me!? :confused:

Hi Again Thunder: :)

Looking at your bio, it says you are 26. I will presume that
you are Type 2 since you commented on this article. I just
wanted to say, sorry that you were dxd. Also, in my younger
years with the Big D, as far as I know, there were no 26 year
old Type 2 Diabetics. It is sad how this disease has morphed
and scattered amongst all age groups. Now there are Type 1's
dxd. at age 54 and Type 2's dxd. at age 6. Not to mention the
newer Type 1.5 and Type 3's. Boggles the mind. :confused:

I've found many People, not knowing about their own diseases
(including Diabetes 1 & 2)so I became a researcher of sorts, for
them, to answer their questions. So I run into lots of interesting
articles like the one in my 1st post of this thread.

I had slowly learned some important stuff about Diabetes "after" I
left home which helped me understand about this disease and
enabled me to get somewhat better control of my sugars. But it
wasn't until I hit that "one forum" which was still growing, that was
the "icing on the cake". I mean, how can a Person control their disease
(if it can be controlled by them)if they don't know the ins and outs of it?

So no, I did not know about the osteocalcin before. The
researchers at the University only discovered it last Aug.

Yes, it is a cool discovery but it would be cooler if you could
just pop a few extra vitamin K a day to prevent getting Type 2
and obese. That of course, is not the case.

The researchers found that osteocalcin, a protein made only
by bone-forming cells (osteoblasts),
was not a mere structural
protein, but rather a hormone with totally unanticipated and crucial

People with type 2 diabetes have been shown to have low osteocalcin
levels, suggesting that altering the activity of this molecule could be
an effective theray.
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Wow so that's a shock to me, what can you do to get rid of diabetes, for better or for worse?

Sorry Thunder, no way to get rid of it yet for most. The researchers
are just finding new possibilities on ways in the future to manipulate
certain parts of the Person's body and perhaps Cure Diabetes. Not
yet though.

If you are a newly diagnosed Type 2, then the exercise and low-carbing
can be all you need. But of course, you have to be dedicated to that
regimen in order to not need meds. and still have Good numbers. Many
are doing it.
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