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My mother was controlling her diabetes with her diet and doing pretty decent at it. She was just diagnosed with cancer and the medications that she is using to treat & kill the cancer is SKYROCKETING her blood sugar levels. She is going on a strict diabetic diet, but even with her taking pills she is still get readings of 190-200 in the morning. They are about to switch her to insulin to try and control it bc the pills and dietary changes are doing nothing. What can she eat to help lower her blood sugar levels so it's not so high?

Are there any snacks she can eat throughout the day that are good for her but high in calories to help her maintain weight?
She's already dropped 20lbs, avging about 5lbs a week. The chemo is making her sick and she doesn't want to eat around the clock like she needs to. Would Glucerna or the Boost for diabetics help with that?

Oh and she wanted me to ask what fruits is okay for her to eat? We already know dried fruits are a no, and to avoid canned when we can... but we are getting conflicting info about individual fruits and whether they are diabetes friendly or not.
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