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Diabetes and Epilepsy

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I'm epileptic with diabetes and always worried of drug interactions, I don't want to trigger a seizure even though I'm well controlled.

For seizures I'm on


I'm on Metformin 2000 mg but the Dr wants to add an SGLT2 inhibitor OR Ozempic injectable.

BTW the reason for this is my last A1C was 7.5 and my sugars are out of wack, I recently saw 14 after meal, although this was a one off test, I'm finding them more between 8 and 11 after meals -2 hours.

Thanks in advance

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Epilepsy is a real big hill to climb, and I sympathize with your plight. I think that it will magnify your dilemma, concerning diabetes. And I don't have an answer for you, on that: but, I will say, fight to live and never give up.

That is the way that I do things, and it helps me to conquer my many ailments. I have a ton of things going haywire, and it is an uphill climb for me.
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