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Hi Everyone,

My dad recently passed away. He was a type 2 diabetic, and was suffering from a chest cold, which developed into pneumonia. He was in China at the time for work, and had returned to go to the doctors in the States. When he entered the hospital, the xrayed his lungs and determined he had double pneumonia, threw some antibotics at him and sent him home. 8 hours later, he was back in the hospital, so weak he couldn't even talk. He died about 20 minutes later.

Now here is my question: Is it hospital policy to send a diabetic home with double pneumonia? From what I remember, pneumonia was such a serious infection, moving you from one place to another was dangerous...let alone adding the diabetes equation.

What do you think? I feel cheated out of a father, and I personally feel that they should have kept him overnight...and if they had he might still be alive today. I just want to know if the hospital did wrong in sending him home, instead of admitting him.


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Hi Jenny:

OMG! Your poor Dad! Poor you. That's a sin.

Let me see: Double Pneumonia + Diabetes + Fever + Other

Logically, that would be a Hospital stay.

There are different types of Pneumonia of course, but fever
is a symptom of all types. Fever always puts my blood sugar
high out of control.

Perhaps you should Google "Pneumonia symptoms" pick a reputable
site, maybe check Treatment Overview and it might tell you.
Or ask your Dr. Or maybe someone from the US will answer your
question here.

Where I live, it would be a definite Hospital stay.

My deepest Sympathy to you and your Family.
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