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Welcome To DiabetesForum.Com. We Are Happy To Have You Here. We Hope That You Will Enjoy Your Time With Us So We Can Share Our Experiences, Thoughts, Questions, Information, Suggestions, Support And Ideas.

To Make Life A Bit Easier For Everyone, Here Are Some Basic Forum Rules
To Read And To Follow So You Won?t Have To Wonder About The Answers.

~1. Treat each other with respect.
~2. No swearing or obscene language, pictures, etc. are allowed.
~3. Please do not come to our Forum for the purpose of encouraging growth of your site or for any other site that you belong to.
~4. Insulting any individual whether it be a Member or Forum Staff is not allowed. This includes posting discriminatory material aimed at an individual or a group of People, based upon cultural background, gender, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc.
~5. Blogs are allowed BUT with NO links or mention of other Forum-type sites about Diabetics and communities of Diabetics. Or they will be removed. Blogs are about your Life and thoughts mainly concerning Diabetes.
~6. If you post a Subject to talk about and it does need a link, then find the connected Subject in the site and put that link only in your post. That linked site will have No Forum for Diabetics on it or be connected to other sites.
~7. One Username per Member only please.
~8. NO Spam of any kind is allowed.
~9. Removal of links and posts, warnings, 1 or 2 week suspensions from this Forum or total banning of a Member will be of full discretion of the Administrator(Forum Staff).
~10. In your signature you may have 1 photo(80x80 pixels) and 4 written lines with No links.
~11. In case you wish to add a bit of humour in your post or after someone elses, please put a :D or ;) and J/K(just kidding)beside it.

If You Have Any Questions Or Comments About These Rules Or If You Have Any Other Questions About This Forum, Please Ask.

Thank You For Your Consideration And We Do Appreciate Your Important Contributions.

To Your Good Health! :)

Forum Staff)
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