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So how can it help with diabetes? The constant intrusion of diabetes in daily life with blood glucose checks, insulin injections, medication and justifying every bite of food eaten, can keep thought patterns in the mode of "disease". When thoughts remain in the mode of disease even if it's how much we don't want or hate the disease it will just bring more of the same. In other words if focus is put on how difficult it is to maintain low glucose levels or just the frustration diabetes can bring, again we will attract more of the difficulty of controlling blood glucose levels and more frustration.

So new game! Use the law of attraction and process of manifestation to create health. These principles are most effective when powerful emotion is attached to your thoughts and visualizations. So try these three actions on a daily basis with a 40-day commitment and watch what happens.

1. When rising, midday and before going to bed practice this one minute wonder. Close your eyes, take a big inhale breath, picture in your mind and feel radiant health in your body. Imagine pure light energy flowing through your body. Take a couple of more breaths this way and again feel it!

2. Before every meal or snack take a breath, picture and feel the health you're creating. This is a great opportunity to look and make sure you are choosing foods that will work with the intention of your manifestation.

3. Any time during the day you "catch" yourself being or thinking negative about your condition turn it around. When things aren't going well with your blood glucose control take the proper steps to correct them and then take another moment and focus on the feeling of health you want to create.

When you constantly return to the thoughts and emotions of health rather than disease it will make a difference and soon you will find yourself in awe of the power of this tool. Remember if it's in your thoughts it's in your body!

Choose health!
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