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Does your diabetes management suffer when you are away from home for several days, or more? If so, what steps do you take to keep your control as close to normal as possible?

We were on vacation 6/12-6/24. We saw our sons and our grandkids in Atlanta. We went by car since we hate the hassle at airports when flying. We also wanted to visit relatives along the way, which is impossible when flying. It all went very well as far as the visits are concerned, but the trip was hard on us and the fatigue factor had its toll. We will go back to flying from now on.

My diabetes control was not nearly as smooth as it is at home. Meals at irregular times, foods that had an unknown carb content, eating out a lot, too little exercise, and the very hot weather in VA, NC and Atlanta explains why I had several highs in the 150-190 range. I also had a number of lows in the 45-60 range. That roller coaster ride caused my old neuropathy problem in my left foot to start up again. It has already disappeared though since I have had much better control during the last three days. I will have everything back on track now. I am looking forward to that.

I have not had access to the internet very much since June 12. It is nice to be back and posting again!!!
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