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I was watching "Save my skin" on tv, its a british version of Dr' pimple popper. There was a type 2 of normal weight who developed itchy lesion all over his body. The diagnoses said it was an autoimmune condition caused by his reaction to his diabetes medicine.
I have never heard of this . Has anyone got the scoop?
I get a rash from my Dexcom sensor adhesive that is very mild by comparison that didn't start until many sensors being applied. So I wonder if there is any relationship?
Supposedly they put him on a different med and that resolved it.

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My understanding (as someone who has experienced bad reactions to medications and foods) is that anyone can develop an allergic reaction to just about anything at any time. I was in my 40s when all of a sudden bell peppers were no longer my friend. 馃檨 It's certainly possible that someone could develop an allergy to an active ingredient in a medication or even to other ingredients in it, like the carrier or a buffer, etc.

It can also be a matter of degree. I can eat a salad with blue cheese dressing with no discernable effect, but give me penecillin and watch out!
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