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One month back suddenly i started losing weight 75 kg to 67 Kg.

Blood test revealed that I have Type 2 and HB A1C is 13.1.

I took metaformin 500mg -2 times a day for almost 20 days i stopped because of i am loosing weight further.

I changed my diet for 1 month and tested HB A1C is 10.6.

Currently i stopped Medication and eating very less salt, oil. i am using Accu-check active meter to test blood sugar - Fasting 106 after food (2 hours) - 140 to 160 .

Controlled diet and No exercise my readings are below:
Fasting: 106
After Food : 140 to 160 .

So pls advise i need go for medication or not? I feel that i should be able to control with diet.

Appreciate your comments.
Congratulations on your weight loss and your hard work to get your numbers down. Was your Dr ok with you stopping your meds already? Your fasting is not too bad but your post postprandial numbers are still pretty high. Its best to aim for below 140 by that 2 hour mark. Maybe try cutting back on your carbs a bit more might help.
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