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Diabetes Self-Management Class

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Tomorrow I start my diabetes self-management class, called "Think Like a Pancreas". It is for T2 on insulin. The class outline will cover diet and exercise as well. I have already been to 2 different classes at 2 different places and the class outline was pretty much geared for the newly diagnosed. I did learn something in every class, but I am looking forward to the new class because it will give me a chance to ask some of the complicated questions about insulin.
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I think they're teaching the wrong method. If they were teaching people to eat to their meters, then it would be a no-brainer . . . however many carbs it takes to keep your sugars where you want them is what you should eat. If that's 100 - fine. If it's 150 - great. If it's only 75, then well & good too.

There's just no way every person can eat a set amount of carbs and expect to respond the same as the next gal does. Diabetes is too capricious, and we're all too darned ruggedly individual too! ;)
Vision was my main concern also, but looming a close second (after a few weeks of trying to attain healthy levels using the diets & guidelines offered by my doctor & the ADA) was that the amount of carbohydrate prescribed was far too much to keep my meter happy and registering under 140.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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