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Diabetes Self-Management Class

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Tomorrow I start my diabetes self-management class, called "Think Like a Pancreas". It is for T2 on insulin. The class outline will cover diet and exercise as well. I have already been to 2 different classes at 2 different places and the class outline was pretty much geared for the newly diagnosed. I did learn something in every class, but I am looking forward to the new class because it will give me a chance to ask some of the complicated questions about insulin.
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I keep mine to around 100-150 per day. I have found that since my resistance seems to be lessening somewhat I actually can tolerate the upper end of that, especially if I have been exercising that day. I try not to go over 45 in a meal. However today after I got home from the gym my sugar was 89. I had a pretty high carb lunch...53 carbs...ouch! To my surprise 2 hours later my blood sugar was 112.
I have to keep my carb count under 20 grams per meal or I'm chasing my BG with too much insulin. Arghhhhhh:mad:. I don't always attain that goal, but it's really what works best for me.

I never resisted newer types of insulin as they were introduced, but I did resist.....a pump
I'm in the pump-resister's club. But right now MDI seems to be OK - my A1C is 5.6. The only thing that makes the machine tempting is dawn phenomenon management. Being able to set a nighttime basal rate to handle that cursed rise in the morning instead of getting up at 3:00 to test and shoot may ultimately get me there:p.

1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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