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Hi All,
We are now ready to soft launch a few new tools we have developed for the community. The new software is in essence a tracking tool where members can enter blood sugar and hba1c data. These are now saved in a much more structured way which allows you to view patterns using interactive charts.

We have set up a couple of test profiles to demonstrate the new tool to you:

John Smith Blood Sugar Tracking and Monitoring Charts
Jane Smith Blood Sugar Tracking and Monitoring Charts

A list of the key features available are:

1. Save your blood sugar readings at pre-defined and custom daily time intervals
2. Save your hba1c readings
3. As you save your readings you can choose to publish them within the forum
4. Data readings are shared in your own unique threads with the members readings forum
5. View any other members data profiles - all profiles are viewable to members
6. Save your medications
7. View your data trends and patterns using interactive charts
8. Your own dedicated blood sugar profile page is saved with the site
9. Tag notes to your data readings
10. Switch for data viewing preferences so the site converts anyones data into your preferred units of measure.
11. Forum Signatures - we can now produce these and automatically update these for you like this one:

The new tools were developed by watching how members interact with the site so we hope they prove useful to you.

To get started simply visit the new tools section here. Then click on one of the links in the menu to start adding your readings. Please report any bugs or issues you have with the tools in our feedback section.
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