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Hi all
Not much of a typer, but a short history
diagnosed in 1986 at 32 years old (I'll do the math for you now 56)
started insulin in 2000
2/26/10 A1C was 6.5 :mad: worst A1C in 3 years
11/13/09 A1C was 5.9 :D
started Lantis last week, was on Humalin N

I am riding in the American Diabetes Assosiation New england Classic
Bicycle ride. July 10th and 11th. it goes from Woburn MA, to Kennebunk ME in two days a total of 150 miles (unless you get lost like me then its 159 miles)
I rode in it last year... a great time.
I will post a link to contribute after I get 5 posts.
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