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1 controlled salt, salt to eat many, blood, blood in water, large capacity, high blood pressure, easy to kidney damage.
2 if the urine protein too limited protein, and many proteins from urine inside body can run, lack of protein, But if the protein intake, the body cannot use it well, become waste. Now, if the view of urinary protein, should consider the relatively high protein, especially the limit restrictions, such as soybean plant protein. For patients with diabetic nephropathy, early or to limit the protein, eat less some tofu, soya-bean milk and bean products. Can eat some animal protein, such as fish, chicken, etc may eat. So the blood protein supplements, the waste is less.
3 control water quantity if badly swollen, to control water. Summer patients want right amount water, reason should be emphasized too much drink water, because of the amount of the kidney and increased burden, as long as the summer because of losing water added sweat.
4 limited potassium to restrict potassium, want to see the person's blood, potassium and sodium, sodium, potassium control badly, even low also easy to throw k.
5 some vitamin supplement vitamin supplement, including folic acid, mainly is the treatment of anemia.
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