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Advanced complications do not have to mean transplant lists and blindness.

The following treatment will soon be available commercially. Diabetics need to be aware that it exists. Some insurances cover it, medicare does not. We need to lobby our insurance companies and medicare to cover it.

Pulsatile Intravenous Insulin Therapy
First let me say, I am not medically trained. I am a patient involved in this treatment for a year, now.

What is the purpose of this treatment?

Improve the quality of life for people with diabetic complications, neuropathy, renal insufficiency, retinopathy, hypoglycemic unawareness, orthostatic hypotension, gastroparesis, wound healing.

Why I signed up

My kidneys were on their last legs. As good fortune would have it, a relative was involved in researching this treatment. I have been blessed that this opportunity came my way.

How it works:

In a normal (non-diabetic) body the pancreas pulses high levels of insulin to the liver as needed. This treatment pulses insulin intravenously, raising the insulin level getting to the liver, to a normal range; imitating the body’s own natural insulin release patterns. The treatment allows the liver to store, mobilize and utilize sugar, so that normal glucose processing can take place.

The treatment is weekly, preformed in an office or clinic. Insulin is intravenously pulsed at a measured rate. The patient’s respiratory quotient, and glucose levels are closely monitored. Oral carbohydrates are given as needed to prevent hypoglycemia.
Treatment takes one hour, followed by a rest period, then repeated two times per session.

Over four thousand people have been treated, with no adverse effects.

This treatment is patterned after a protocol investigated by Harvard University and Mayo Clinic. This treatment is still the only treatment shown to halt and/or reverse the debilitating complications of advanced diabetes. Studies show that both Type 1, and Type 2 diabetics can benefit . Weight loss has also been observed during treatment.

My personal experience with this treatment has been phenomenal . More about my experience in my next installment.
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