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What If Dieting Merely Lets Diabetics Take Fewer Medicines? - Forbes

Ya, I was being sarcastic! I mean, really, how long have we known this? Yet it still took a huge study to find out what we already knew. Surprisingly, they didn't find sustained weight loss between the dieters and the control group but I can just imagine what kind of "diet" they were on. I have not read the actual study but the article in Forbes links to the New York Times article outlining the study and that points to a reduced calorie diet. See:

In some ways I'm not surprised. The majority of diabetics, whether Type 1 or 2 or Lada, still follow the advice of the ADA or a dietician/nutritionist. That means that the prevailing thought amongst researchers and diabetics alike is that the ADA diet is perfectly acceptable. I highly doubt that they would ever take the advice of diabetics doing low carb or ketogenic diets. However, if they did, they did, they would likely find a dramatic difference in their results.
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