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Ok, so everyone harps around about eating properly and getting excursise and all that jaz, but what in gods name are we suppose to eat?

I've checked probably 10 - 15 differnt websites online, and I have yet to find a convincing diet. I'm looking for full recepies that I can use to cook breakfast/lunch/dinner. I don't mind taking an hour to make dinner, but breakfast needs to be fast.

All the meals I've found online still have tons of sugar and startch! I've even seen many a recepie with upwards to a cup of sugar - and they are still flaunted as "diabetic friendly" meals!

So here's the question? Can anyone help me find a nice good variety (20-30 differnt) of meals for breakfast/lunch/dinner? I'm kinda an orgonized person, and for meals I thrive on having a menu setup for the whole week. I'd love to be able to fill it out for two or three weeks, and then alternate stuff around for a while.
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I mainly stick with meats and seafoods, green veggies and salads. In place of white bread, I eat sourdough bread. (Google for info on sourdough bread and diabetes). Snacks are usually nuts, hardboiled eggs and bacon rinds. Pasta is made from the Dreamfield's brand of products which is low in carbs. I developed a formula of baking diabetic-friendly desserts which do not significantly raise my blood sugar. The formula is found on my website for The Diabetic Pastry Chef .

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