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Difficulty getting in control

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Hi people. I've visited this forum but decided I should officially join. I've been Type 1 since 2000, I turn 23 in July. My sister is also T1, since 1983 and she is 27.
I've had my ups and downs of control, after I got my pump in Aug 2006 I easily acheived low 7s but never under 7. Then I let it slip, was busy in nursing school and everyone knows a nurse is the worst patient! Been 8ish since. In March of this year I was 8.1, Talked to my endo about pregnancy (Married for 9 months now) and he seemed optomistic and said to acheive that better control first. So I did what I used to, checked about 5x a day and figured those good numbers I was seeing would bring me back down to low 7s. WRONG. Blammo - 8.0 last week. So we pull back on the prego stuff and now I'm to fax in my blood sugars weekly. Seeing these numbers on paper day by day is worrying me. No patterns to them at all, and only about a quarter of them are in my target ranges. OY.:eek:

So I'm hoping that we get it all figured out. Oh, and my CGMS got denied by insurance, cant afford it, so I sent an appeal in today. **Fingers Crossed!!**

Hoping to get some good information from this site.
I'm Ready for Great A1Cs!!!! :)
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Hello: :)

Good to see you. Yes, your A1c is too high. But a healthy Baby is certainly in your Future when you and your Endo are able to figure out why your numbers are that high.

I was going to say maybe your Endo could loan you a CGMS. They sometimes have them for that purpose. I suppose that you already asked your Endo about one.

That is a disappointment that your CGMS was denied. Sorry, to hear that. The companies feel that these are not accurate enough yet. Actually, I thought that I heard a few companies are covering them now. Do appeal as many times that is possible. They sometimes get tired of hearing from the same Person. :D **Fingers Crossed** GL!!
Hello there! I'm glad you joined us. I understand your frustrat6ion. I have been Type 1 for 63 years and I still have ups and downs like yours but not so often now because I am using an insulin pump. My A1c's are in the 5.5-6.0 range but they used to be much higher. I am currently eating about 120g of carbs per day, exercising 2 hours per day and testing 12 times per day. That kind of control and the pump have resulted in my low A1c's. I am surprised you are having this much irregularity even though you have pumped for 3 years. Have you talked with a CDE who is a good pump trainer? They can be more helpful than a doctor with pumping.

My endo is an amazing doctor and very good at what he does. He and his team all work together, so it I'm happy with them. I admit my lack of control while in nursing school, but I have just been surprised at my inability to regain it recently. When I first started pumping it really wasnt too hard to get those low 7s.
If I had the time to work out for 2 hours and test 12 times, I dont think I would be as in much of a difficult situation. Unfortunatly, as a new nurse working 12 hour shifts Its hard to do those things. My schedule is VERY irregular.I'm hopeful to be able to get those low A1Cs, and it will be a joint effort. We will see how the changes that get made after this 1st week of faxing my sugars in will affect me!
Thanks for the welcome!
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