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Disagreeing with Nutritionist

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Has anyone ever had their endo or a nutritionist/dietician give them a meal plan that was high in carbs? When I went and saw a nutritionist on Thursday at the diabetes center in my area she gave me a meal plan that had 45-70 carbs for each meal. I respectively told her that I wouldn't be coming back to see her.
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It is my opinion, that ADA Educators start all training for what is recommended for Type 1 Diabetics, and then modify that for Type Twos. I am a Type Two. I had to listen carefully to get the part I needed.

ADA Educators know not to tell us the whole truth about how miserable the diet seems, at first. We would stomp out the room with harsh words and louf language.

Since I did not have to pay for Diabetes Educators, it is easier for me to not worry about how many places they glossed by the truth of my future.

My Diabetes educators were good in getting across that Diabetics Count Carbs, not Calories. Also in teaching what is a high Carb, and what is less Carbs. I had to suffer the consequences of my not implementing things like, all restaurant portions are huge for a Type Two Diabetic like me. I have to not eat some type of foods at all, like starches. Teach myself that lesson several times a month.

They teach how to do a food diary, and record my miss deeds. So I --might -- learn better.

I think the Educators avoid talking about what Diabetes is eventually going to be like for our diet, and lifestyle. It is awful to not eat either what I used to, or what I actually want. If I knew the truth of the suffering of the diet, I might have stomped out their office as well.

Where we get into doing a better diet, or a low carb Diet is when we begin to feel better. I don't like that higher sugar, I need to sleep feeling. I can eat something now, and my mind tells me how i am going to feel later because I made that mistake. One fellow used to have a tagline, "There is nothing I like to eat more than I like my Eyes." Meaning he wants to be able to see well as he ages.

Once the positive thinking teaching guru, Anthony Robbins (and I do not believe in everything he says or advocates) told a story about diet. He says, and I paraphrase, "Notice in a beer commercial they have a young fit attractive woman in a two piece bathing suit holding their brand of beer. She can't have a body like that, if she much drinks that beer."

Robbins advocates visualizing, before we eat something what the consequences will be. He told a story about his own brother who was very obese. He asked Anthony for help. Anthony asked him to describe what he typicall ate. Brother admitted his problem was Kentucky Fried Chicken. He said everyday as he drives around, he sees a KFC, and has to stop to get some. He loved KFC, and could not resist. The smell, the taste so satisfying.

Anthony told him to visualize his life like a picture, and on one corner of that picture, creeping in is the smell of burning rubber tires, and how much KFC actually smells like that. and over time keep visualizing or having his memory remind him of the smelling of burning rubber.

My ADA certified educator might started saying that I could target 45 carb meals. Talks about lower carb foods, and what I don't want, a food journal. Measuring what happens ---when---. Talks about using a vegetarian based diet, and using only low carb vegetables. Every notice a cow is a vegetarian, and has to eat all the time to keep themselves going.

I hear stuff from my Diabetes Educator that I don't think is accurate either. How can she be an expert and not know that Chocolate is one of the basic food groups?
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Truthfully, the diabetes educator is acknowledging the reality of the extreme poverty I find myself in --- from the current Social Security Payments, and constantly increasing costs of my health care.

carby food costs less. quite a few people will not eat a med diet, or a low carb diet. Not more than a few weeks.
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