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Do caffeine and diet sodas effect BG?

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I have a coffee in the morning and my blood sugars are usually higher after that, but I have always attributed it to the ‘dawn syndrome’ where my blood sugars continue to rise in the a.m. and my insulin needs are higher. Am I right of does caffeine have an effect? Also, I was just watching a show where a nutritionist said that ‘diet sodas have a high glycemic index’ ??! Is this true? Does anyone experience effects on blood sugar from drinking diet sodas?
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I have found that there are varying opinions on this topic. Neither coffee nor diet drinks affect my blood sugar level. Many other diabetics say they are affected. There are some, however, who say that caffein and diet cdrinks do raise their blood sugar. The great majority of people who have responded to this question on other diabetes sites say that caffein and diet drinks do NOT affect their blood sugar at all. I drink only one cup of coffee and only one diet soda per day. If I drank several cups of coffee and several diet sodas each day it might be different. I don't know.

Thanks for the information. I find it true for myself as well, but then again, I am also a moderate drinker of coffee/diet sodas
I can drink diet coke without any impact on my BG, I've seen some here say that it does - while others are like me and have no problems.
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