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I have seen in the postings about the tests to know if you are a Type 1 or Type 2. I had been told in diabetes class I was a type 2 because I did not have diabetes as a child.
I started on oral medications, but now I am on Lantus and Humalog. Does that make me a Type 1?
I see there is a test to know, but does it really matter?:eek:
Just being on insulin does not make you a type 1. If you were well controlled on oral meds in the past, all that happened is that you progressed to needing insulin. You are an insulin-dependent type 2. I fully expect to need insulin some day too, and I will still be type 2. The presence of antibodies in your blood is the determining factor for type 1 or 1.5 - not age or weight or height or political preference or anything else people might have you believe. Your blood alone will tell which type you are, but they have to test it for GAD antibodies.
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