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OMG, this is scary. I forgot about this post that I made two years ago... and here I am with type 1, yes, type one diabetes, diagnosed barely over four months ago!

Obviously, I never told a doctor about those questionable meter results... I didn't find out I'm diabetic until I went to my GP about cracks at the corners of my mouth and she thought it was a yeast infection, and so wanted to make sure my blood sugar wasn't too high. (Fasting turned out to be 342!)

And obviously, my blood sugar was high for at least two years.

And obviously, most T1s can't walk around mostly healthy for two years after their pancreas starts to bite the dust.

Makes me wonder... LADA/T1.5? (My doctors were pretty damn sure it's not type two, because I had almost no insulin in my system. Most T2s have a lot of insulin at diagnosis, apparently.)
You are one lucky lady to not have any damage with high numbers like that. I was going to reply to the first post and tell you to ask your GP to have lab work done.
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