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does doing this have much imput on the 2 hr...

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after eating BS #

as part of my blood work tests

I have a starvation (12 hour)BS #

and then Im told to eat breakfast and come back 2 hours after

my first mouthful--

sometimes Id like to know if anything happens either higher or lower

#s if I dont eat anything and still go for the 2 hour test

does anyone know if that would cause my 2 hr reading to be quite a

bit lower then if I would have eaten something

it would interesting to test out this theory and fine out

interested in any thoughts

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Believe me, Penney, that theory's been tested and tested a LOT!! :rolleyes: It might seem like not eating is the way to get good low blood sugar, but exactly the opposite is what actually happens. The thing that happens if you don't eat after you get up in the morning, is that your liver begins to notice there's no food coming along, and it converts its stores of glycogen into glucose and begins dripping it into your bloodstream, sending your bs higher and higher.

The information gained by testing before you eat and again two hours later, is that those numbers should be fairly close. It does NOT mean that your bs didn't change during that time - it only means that your body processed the meal well enough that your bs came back down within two hours. If it didn't come back down, you need to reconsider whatever it was you ate, and possibly not eat it again for awhile.

And as regards our blood sugar - something always happens. If we eat, it goes up - either a little or a lot. Fat is the only thing we can eat that doesn't raise blood sugar; protein raises it some, and carbohydrates raise it a lot.
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to be perfectly honest here

I just tried this this past week

I mainly wanted to see what happened--

Im confused about my #s this time around (actually so the is dr!))

fasting was 115--which is the hightest its been in the last 18 months

since this whole #s game started usually its very low 100's

no higher then 106 although the dr is ok with the 115

A!C 5.6 down from 5.9 3 months ago

so while not eating anything and then going back for a 2 hr that # was 106 which also was higher then usual
wheather Ive eaten or not its 102-104

its the chlestrol that really freaked me out this time and again even the dr cant explain it

total went from 213 to 276!!!!! WTH!!!!

trigl went DOWN from 151 (that confused the dr last time) to 119

HLD went up 65-78 which is good but what could have happened?!!!!

LDL went up 119 to 175

I havent done anything different--no weight gain (No loss either but thats another chapter!!!)

I know this is mainly for diabetes help but I thought there some thoughts on chlestrol as well

Like I said when I saw the #s I totally freaked out!!!!

Im listening to all advice and tips

thanks for letting me vent

I needed that:)
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If you keep a food journal along with your bs readings, there should be some answers there. Maintaining good health is always a work in progress, and most of your numbers are very encouraging. Your HDL is up, your triglycerides are down, and your A1c is down, and that's terrific. As regards your LDL, perhaps you should study up on particle size. LDL comes in small dense particles, and it also comes in large fluffy particles. Look at your test results and find the number that is your ratio of HDL to triglycerides. If that number is 2 or less, you have large fluffy LDL and that's good. If the ratio is more than 4, you have small dense LDL and you have every right to be concerned. So before you go on any more rants, find out what your HDL-to-tryglycerides ratio is, okay? It's possible that stressing out over these numbers is messing with your blood sugar, y'know . . . stress is a common offender.

I think you would like to be able to say 'there, it's fixed. After 18 months, I can go back to my old eating habits and everything will be fine.' But everything won't be fine, Penn . . . somehow you're going to have to accept what is, and accept whatever changes are required in your lifestyle.

Oh yeah . . . and you might clue in your doc about LDL particle size too . . . he seems as confused as you are.
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I remember reading somewhere that if you take your good chlestrol and divide it into your total it shoud be under 2 to be ok

if that is what the ratio is mine is at 3.5!!!! not good but your saying under 4

my dr did an NMR test this time which I read lets you know if the chlestrol is light and fluffy or dense and sticky

I guess I must have dense and sticky!!!!

Ill find out more when I see the dr Thurs

Its just so very discouraging that after 18 months of #s going down without doing anything different the chlestrol just goes bonkers

it doesnt make any sense!!!

I just cant see how if Im still watching what Im eating and how much--which is still making me cranky and miserable even though I got the A!C down even more and that was with enjoying a few treats every so often (dr said I needed to enjoy life alittle!!)

I know Icant go back to how I was eating 18 months ago nor would I really want to--I just want to be happy and these #s are making me crazy!!!

even of a vent for now--Thurs will bring on more!!!

thanks so very much for listening I apprecaite it more then you'll ever know
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No, the ratio you're looking for is not HDL to total cholesterol . . . it's HDL to trigylcerides . . . . take your HDL (78) into your Triglycerides (119) and I think you should get about 1.5 - right?
thanks shanny..

No, the ratio you're looking for is not HDL to total cholesterol . . . it's HDL to trigylcerides . . . . take your HDL (78) into your Triglycerides (119) and I think you should get about 1.5 - right?
for setting me straight on the ratio--I remembered dividing

something into something and it should be under 2

so what your saying is since is under 2 (1.5)

I have large fluffy particles--which is ok

that does make me feel better--I just wish the total didnt jump like it did

without doing anything different--so if I didnt do anything different

what would have made it jump so much--

sorry for all the questions and issues--after 18 months of playing this # game Id be used of the ups and downs--

I guess I'll never get used to the ups and downs--

thanks for everything
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