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My name is Jon. I am new to this forum. I have been an insulin-dependent type-II diabetic for 20 years and diabetic for 30 years.

I spoke with Dr. Faustman on a conference call last Thursday afternoon regarding the funding of clinical phase II testing.

Dr. Faustman expects phase II funding to be such that testing will begin fairly soon. (July was mentioned, but I would not hold her to that - August is more likely.)

On the side, when the conference call was ending and I was left with the good doctor, I had to ask if I could give her an undisclosed sum of cash for the cure right now.

Dr. Faustman's answer could not have been more clear. She told me if she had a child that was diabetic, she could do nothing because the dosage at present is unknown. That is what phase II is all about.

We all, even those on the inside track, have no choice but to wait.
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