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Durectic/Diuretic tablets

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Does anyone know if diabetic type 1 can take a durectic blood pressure tablet? As gone through the groups, tried 1 of each group and get terrible side affects, doc fed up wih me, I'm on irbesartan now and have, terrible acid reflux and cough, feel sick, he has refused x 3 to take me off, so only group left durectics, I'm really miserable now hope so knows as I've read they cause high blood sugars. Thanks.
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Hello there, net. It’s been a while since your last reply here. How’re you doing? If I were you, I’d consult with a doctor on that question. Doctors always know what is better for us.
Hi thanks still trying to get sorted but on list tor medtronic 780g, but will have to self fund the guardian sensor 4 so hopefully that will help as having so many hypos on levirmir still get the unexplained ketones when sugar normal and coldness thanks for contacting me as it gets really lonely trying to sort this out.
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