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early stages of micro anneurysms

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Am 58,South Indian,82 kgs, underwent 6xcabg after an MI three years ago. I was obese but now 82 kgs,height 5.8".Presently on oral medication metformin 2x1000, atorva,aspirin,olmat 20 and concor for bp. usually hab1c at 6 and bp 140/90. i am under treatment for DM type 2 for last 15 years.

engineer by profession.

i check sugar and bp daily and do strict dieting and 5 miles walk a day after cabg.

usual check ups every three months at diabetic clinic of my hospital for eye,foot,bp,kidneys etc

yesterday they spotted few micro aneurysms in the left eye and said it is natural progession of the eye and not to worry and they will review after six months and said it might disappear and early stages.

i am bit confused about this complication and wonder what else i should do to contain this micro aneurism stuff. and what are the treatments option in terms medicine, laser surgery etc and what is the prognosis assuming i control sugar as above.

thanks for your help buddies

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Hello, welcome to our group. Your eye problem is called retinopathy. I had that problem several years ago. I tightened my control and stopped having so much high blood sugar. Keeping my blood sugar more stable and avoiding so much fluctuation (highs and lows) caused my eye problem to reverse itself. I have not had the problem for three years.

Welcome, lkrsbosak. I had not developed any retinopathy before, but I recently had a retinal detachment & am still recovering. Whatever you can do to tighten your control is a vital necessity. I'm sure you're as adamant as Richard and I . . . losing our vision is not an option!
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