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eating, not eating

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Hi all,

I should have mentioned in my "hello" post that I am T2.

In my mind, this was caught kind of early, so my numbers are not way up there, at least not yet.

My question is about eating. Prior to dx, sometimes I would only eat a few times a day. Just get caught up in a project, or something that occupies my mind, and the day goes by without anything but a glass of water. Some days, I didn't eat breakfast, and nothing until later in the day. that's just me. Single, and no one to remind me, or help, so if I don't cook it, or prepare it, it never got done. As a "normal" person, I know that is not the best way to go, but that is how it was.

Now, I am supposed to eat three meals, and more than a few snacks, or five small meals, or whatever, and frankly, that is very difficult, so what I am wondering is, from a purely diabetes point of view, and with one whose numbers appear to be fasting in the 80s and never spiking over 140, do I have to eat all the time? My numbers rise and fall through the day, but stay well within what would be called "normal" ranges, whether I eat or not.

If I don't want to eat, do I have to? Does eating help control? If so, how?

Perhaps someone can shed some light on this for me?


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