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Endoscopic procedure may eliminate insulin use in some T2s?

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A recent study by a manufacturer of endoscopic equipment found a way to stimulate the duodenum with electrical impulses in such a way that insulin sensitivity returned for the vast majority of study subjects.
Can an Endoscopic Procedure Treat Type 2 Diabetes?

While this seems like a decently-constructed study and the support for the study is named clearly, there are a bunch of caveats compared to the headlines:
  • Study subjects were put on semiglutide (e.g., Ozempic, Wegovy, Rybelsus) for the length of the study. Headlines that imply that Type 2 diabetes is being treated without insulin gloss over the facts that not every diabetic needs injectable insulin to control their condition, and semiglutide is a medication that requires a prescription and has its own side effects so it's not like the treatment is "drug-free".
  • It's only been a year. They are planning a study in which they control against the semiglutide but reading the study shows that about 15% of the subjects receiving the endoscopic treatment go back to needing insulin. Unknown whether repeating the procedure sets it to where it was or what.
  • I did not look at the actual study to see if there were any red flags concerning the homogeneity of the study subjects.
An interesting start, though, to a less-invasive treatment that could reduce/eliminate medication/insulin use once the procedure is tweaked.
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